Author: kinwa

CF32 Defoamer

Stable, emulsion eliminates foam in recovery tanks of hot and cold water soil extractors, Automatic shampooing equipment and floor Scrubbers. Time and labor saver, Defoamer Assists efficient recovery and continuous Equipment use. Non-corrosive. Will not harm equipment.

Lemon Fresh

Environmentally choice products is a caustic and acid free, this cleaner is a safe on most hard surfaces, including marble floors. Multiple dilutions allow for cleaning a wide range of cleaning applications, including floors, walls, and other hard surfaces.


Is a unique combination of state of art metal cross linked copolymers and acrylics producing and oustanding balance of superior high gloss, durability, scuff resistance, ease of use,(20 to 30) minute dry times and unsupassed response to high speed buffing.

BW 41 Orange Tough

Water-dilatable and rinsable, all-purpose Degreaser with d-limonene. A blend of Builders, surfactants and wetting agents provide the extra strength for quick penetrating, dissolving and removal of oily and greasy soils from vinyl tile, quarry tile, ceramic, marble, concrete, aluminum, metal and other hard surfaces.

801 Laundry Break

Our heavy duty 801 liquid laundry break, that effectively help clean laundry and remove soil, and environmentally. Available for wholesale in 55 gallon drum, 5 gallon bucket, or 1 gallon 4-pack. Commercial use only Contains no phosphate.  

Carpet II

High foam and solvent-based  for  the most common spotting obstacles encountered when cleaning carpet. This  self-contained kit comes complete with tamping brush/scraper, towel, sponge and  stain removal.