Category: General Purpose

BW 41 Orange Tough

Water-dilatable and rinsable, all-purpose Degreaser with d-limonene. A blend of Builders, surfactants and wetting agents provide the extra strength for quick penetrating, dissolving and removal of oily and greasy soils from vinyl tile, quarry tile, ceramic, marble, concrete, aluminum, metal and other hard surfaces.

Table One

A table one are  ready-to-use, very quickly  to remove grease, oil, food, , dirt and lot more. Available for wholeasale in 55 gallon drum, 5 gallon bucket, or 4 gallon 4-pack. call our representative for more information.

Citric All-Purpose

A mild citric cleaner that safely cleans most  surfaces not damaged by water. Restores the surfaces’  original luster and is easy on the hands. Dissolves  completely in hot or cold water and works equally  well in hard or soft water.